The Watamu #InstaEgg Hunt

  • 31 March 2015

Post your Photos and Win!

If you are spending Easter in Watamu and staying in a hotel, house or villa or visiting a local attraction or activity provider who is a Wonders of Watamu member, you'll be invited to join the WoW #InstaEgg Hunt. You'll be given a branded Easter Egg to include in your Watamu Easter holiday photos that you post to Instagram.The challenge is to be as creative as possible, include the Egg in the photo and tag it #VisitWatamu. It's that simple.

Each day over the Easter holiday we'll be giving prizes to the best photos with the most likes. Additionally, a special Golden Egg will be hidden somewhere in Watamu. Clues will be given to its location on the Wonders of Watamu Facebook page. Whoever finds it and posts themselves with it will win a grand prize.

We will contact the lucky winners by posting a comment on their Instagram photo. Prizes include:

So if you are with us over Easter join in and share your own experience of the Wonders of Watamu.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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