Turtles in Kenya: help with rehabilitation in Watamu

  • 02 January 2015
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Make this your home for a few weeks while you make a difference working with turtles and people

Watamu is well known for its turtles, which featured on David Attenborough’s BCC series called Africa. The Local Ocean Trust: Watamu Turtle Watch, which featured in the series, has been hosting eco visitors for years, providing the opportunity to spend a few weeks working with turtles.

The Local Ocean Trust provides accommodation for eco visitors, with the option to stay between two and eight weeks, helping with turtle conservation and rehabilitation, as well as community projects such as providing practical education about sustainable food production.

Species of turtle found in Watamu include hawksbill, leatherback, green, loggerhead and olive ridley. Turtles often get caught in fishing nets, which is why Watamu Turtle Watch has formed a partnership with local fishermen, who are paid a nominal fee to admit turtles for rehabilitation, instead of killing them and selling them for soup (sadly, a far more profitable option).

The partnership has resulted in the successful rehabilitation and release of many turtles, while Watamu Turtle Watch continues to educate the local community and perform conservation tasks to counter poaching and human encroachment.


If you would like to know more about helping out at the Local Ocean Trust, visit www.watamuturtles.com send an email to info@watamuturtles.com. You can also like the Facebook page or follow @LocalOceanTrust on Twitter.

You can also visit the rehabilitation centre during the times below.

Tuesday to Friday: 09h30-12h00 or 14h00-16h00

Monday: 14h00-16h00

Saturday: 09h30-12h00

The video below was shot by a Watamu visitor, watch it for some inspiration.

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