10 Watamu Houses with Unbeatable Views

  • 21 March 2015 | By Discover Watamu

Everyone wants a room with a view, but how about a house? These 10 DiscoverWatamu holiday rental properties all have such breathtaking views that they should cost extra- but are all yours to take in. Fully serviced and staffed, these houses provide a unique, affordable option for your stay in Watamu.

1.    NAISHI

Naishi House

This stunning four bedroom house was brilliantly designed in order to drink in the view of the Indian Ocean from every room in the house, even the kitchen.  Positioned high up on a ridge, with a small infinity pool set into the terrace, you cannot fail to catch your breath when you enter this property.  

2.    KIKAPU

Kikapu House

Nature has a lot to be proud of, and the Robinson-Crusoe style pool house at Kikapu house, frames the view of Blue Bay Lagoon perfectly.  A combination of a main three bedroom house and a two bedroom cottage, and their lovely pool house Kikapu is a wonderful choice for a large family or group of friends.

3.    KUSINI

Kusini House

Take a cliff up near the headland where Mida Creek meets the Indian Ocean, and build a three story house with infinity salt-water pool in front and you can’t fail to get some of Watamu’s wildest views.  With a rooftop terrace that will allow you to watch both the sunrise and sunset – this house offers peace and serenity and is the perfect weekend getaway.


Plantation House

This five bedroom property is a landmark in Watamu and one of the few private houses that is literally on the beach, separated only from the white sand by a low wall.  The view is one that fishermen from all over the world would drool over – fishing boats!  Not only that but the spectacular rock formations that are a feature of Turtle Bay beach are just in front.  The owners of the house cleverly decided in order to make the most of their view, to put the living and dining areas upstairs so as to be able to drink in the sweeping bay, and in more recent years they have built a fantastic entertaining area with bar and outside living alongside the swimming pool.  Only a few minutes walk away from the main hotels, this is a wonderful family holiday home.


Sugar House

One of our most popular family friendly properties, featuring a large pool in front with a lane for length swimming along one side and some wonderful views over Prawn Lake from the upper floors .  On the top floor an open-air sundowner terrace was built to be able to drink in the magnificent sunsets.  For those of your with a love of American series, Boston Legal, you may understand where the terrazzo sofa inspiration came from


Burudani House

These houses were built at the same time share a lot of design similarities as well as being positioned alongside each other.  Needless to say they also share a view and it is one that both owners have made very sure that they make the most of it.  Positioned just inside of the mouth of Mida Creek, above Mida Short beach, both have roof terraces that look out towards the Indian Ocean as well as across to the other side of the creek and towards the mangroves.  Although both are large family houses, they only let 2 or 3 of their bedrooms to guests so they are wonderful retreats for a small family who like to spread themselves out.


Boardwalk House

This five bedroom property was constructed right next to the mangroves alongside Mida Creek.  The tidal nature of this position means that at high tide the water line comes right up to the house.  The pool, therefore, has been built up on the first floor enabling a spectacular view out over the pool, across the mangroves and the wooden boardwalk that weaves through it, and out across the creek.  The second and third floors have even more to see from the private roof terraces that look out over the creek and are one of the few houses to experience the daily spectacle of the Watamu sunsets.  

8.    BAHARI

Bahari House

This magnificent five bedroom house is another treat for the eyes, taking advantage of the views out over Blue Bay Lagoon.  The pool is set between the house and the beach and from every room of the house there is something to see.  A lovely holiday treat that can sleep up to ten guests and offers a reduction if there are 6 or less in the booking.

9.    BAOBAB

Baobab House

Baobab is a three bedroom house with a large infinity swimming pool set high up on a ridge affording a stunning view out over the Watamu Marine Park.  A large baraza seating area stretches the roof of the house, under the makuti and is a wonderful place for a sun-downer.  

10.    JABALI   

Jabali House

A wonderful new addition to our property portfolio – Jabali is situated close to Turtle Bay hotel and has a magnificent view over the marine park, taking in the wonderful rock formations that have become a signature of the Watamu seascape.  Modern in design with a  magnificent crew of staff to take care of your every need – Jabali is definitely one for the bucket list.

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