Watamu: The Perfect End to a Safari

  • 02 March 2015 | By Melinda Rees of Eco-Resorts

Dawn on Safari

'Hodi, Hodi' comes the call from your waiter as he delivers your coffee and tea to your tent.  It is pitch black outside, why on earth are you getting up now?  Oh, yes, you are on safari!  It is surprisingly cold and you wrap up in layers before climbing into your car and heading off into the slowly gathering light of early dawn.  


As the light slowly spreads over the landscape, you start to spot the wildlife.  Some are just waking up but at the moment you are looking for those returning from their nocturnal hunting.  And there she is; a stunning leopard heading back to her shady bush for a daytime nap. Another cup of warming coffee in hand you watch as she heads across the wilderness, barely bothering to spare you a glance.


Lilac Breasted Roller

Next up, the open plains, home of myriad antelope and dancing birds, making the most of the warm sunshine.  Time for breakfast back at the camp for you; keeping an eye out for the waterhole visitors and the beautiful birds that frequent the dining room area in search of tidbits that might be interesting!


Cheetahs and other big cats are best seen at dawn when they are still active

Then back out you go, the cheetah hunts by day so you stay out in the noon day sun; no rest around your lunch time here, despite being plied with food and a nice, icy cold glass of wine!  Keep on searching; as the afternoon continues you'll find other stunning animals to watch. 


The traditional campfire sundowner at Ol Seki Camp, Maasai Mara

Kick back with a drink for a few minutes as the sun sets and then it's time for sharing tales of all you've seen around the dinner table and camp fire. Did you see that lion?  And what about the elephants with their babies?  As the camp fire burns down to softly glowing coals, and the sounds of the African night surround you, it is finally time to head off to bed.  Then tomorrow it starts all over again!


Watamu- the perfect end to a safari

Wonderful, yes, but also wearying!  A little bit of R&R at the end of all the excitement is surely only sensible?  Your safari should finish in Wonderful Watamu. No need for an early start here; lie back and let

breakfast be served in bed before a leisurely swim or gentle stroll down the white sandy beach. 


Fresh seafood meals are prepared to tantalise your taste buds and the gentle cooling breeze keeps you comfortable as you soak up the tropical sunshine around the clear blue waters of your pool.  Rest, relax, recover, the perfect end to your safari adventure.


Melinda Rees runs Eco-Resorts a safari company offering trips around Kenya combined with stays in Watamu.

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