Fishing in Kenya: Watamu must top your list

  • 22 January 2015

biggest marlin ever kenya

The 1 062-pound Marlin caught by Watamu resident Stuart Simpson, in the bar at Hemingways Resort

black marlin kenya

A black marlin catch. Photo courtesy of Stuart Simpson

For many years, the coast of Kenya has attracted fishermen from around the world and Watamu is a particularly popular destination. Big game fish that can be caught here include blue marlin, barracuda and swordfish, and sharks.

In March 2014, Watamu resident Stuart Simpson landed a marlin that weighed 1 062 pounds. This was the first recorded marlin larger than 1000 pounds to be caught anywhere in the world in 2014, and it can be seen when you visit the bar at Hemingway’s Hotel in Watamu.

Roy Bealey, manager of the African Billfish Foundation, says: “The major attraction to Watamu for sport fishers is the diversity of billfish species, with Watamu being broadley the best place in the world to capture all Indian Ocean billfish species in one day. This is displayed through Watamu's history of producing 'Grand Slams' and 'Fantasy Slams' for ecstatic anglers over the years. Anglers travel to Watamu from all over the world in pursuit of achieving 'billfish slams', which represent the pinnacle of fishing success to many seasoned anglers.”

The beachfront hotel bars are a great place to meet Watamu locals and hear fishing stories from over the years, as well as see photos and mounts that back the stories up, should you be suspicious!

Below are some recent fishing photos taken just off the coast of Watamu.

fishing in kenya

Photo courtesy of Stuart Simpson

red snapper kenya

Photo courtesy of @PaoloParazzi

big game fish kenya

Photo courtesy of Roy Bealey

You should be able to arrange fishing tours through your accommodation provider.

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