Global Adventurers Visit Watamu

  • 30 March 2015

The Zapp Family preparing to release a Turtle

Many people dream of travelling the world, but there is often a reason why they can’t. Not enough time, having a family, not having the means to do it- these are the most common obstacles to just hitting the road. None of these stood in the way of Herman and Cande Zapp from Argentina. They found the means to realize a long held dream of travelling around the world, and had a family along the way. And when it came to time they found plenty of it- 14 years and counting.

The 1928 Vintage Car

Their means of achieving this dream was equally unusual: A 1928 Vintage Graham Paige Car that they have now driven well over 200,000 miles through over 50 countries. The Zapps arrived in Watamu this week on their journey through Africa.  They pulled up at Ocean Sports Resort with their rooftop tent and compact kitchen and stove in a trunk. They explored the beautiful beaches and got to relax and swim in the Indian Ocean.

The family hit the beach

It was a great break from the road although as Cande explained, her four children are used to travelling as they were literally born on the road. Pampa, Tehue, Paloma and Wallaby were all born in different countries during this 14 year odyssey and have never know any other life but travelling. “They don’t know what it is to be bored” she says as she watches them swim in the blue waters off Watamu “and this is the best education they could ever have”.

At Bioken Snake Farm

In Watamu this education involved getting to know the locals, including some rather unusual encounters. Stopping off at Bioken Snake Farm the kids were shown around by the owners family including budding reptile expert Joey Taylor who introduced them to local reptiles including chameleons and a giant python.

Turtle  Release with Local Ocean Trust

Next stop was the Local Ocean Trust to learn about turtles and the family helped staff release a rescued turtle back to the wild, which young Paloma saw off with a kiss. The children then joined LOT staff to swim with and exercise a rehabilitated turtle- an incredible experience for the family.

In Watamu their Vintage Car became a local attraction

The kids learned a lot but the Zapps also have plenty to teach the world from their years on the road. The couple gave a talk at Oceans Sports for a local audience. in which Herman told them that there was no secret to achieving the wildest of dreams- it was simply finding the right spark to set it in motion. They sold copies of their book Spark Your Dream, recounting their amazing journey, and kindly donated all the proceeds towards turtle conservation work at Local Ocean Trust.

You can order their book from Amazon here.

The Zapps left Watamu today, bound for Ethiopia and Egypt and the rest of the world,with the entire local community wishing them well on the long road ahead. They departed leaving behind many new friends and a tide of inspiration.

For more information read their blog here or their Facebook group here.

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