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  • 27 April 2015 | By Discover Watamu

Photos by Maddy Davies- Opinions by Minion

We all love to dip our toes in the sea and wallow in it’s tropical waters, and Watamu is certainly a place where you can do this, but who doesn’t love a splash around in the pool later?  The majority of DiscoverWatamu’s Private Villa Rentals offer your own secluded swimming pool as part of this increasingly popular holiday choice.  If your house is not on the beach then the refreshing option of your own private pool is even more appealing.  No tidal issues, and it’s much easier to keep an eye on the children.  When it comes to pools in Watamu there are all types to be found – we sent our DiscoverWatamu minion, Gaby Engel and photographer, Maddy Davies to find ten that interested them.

Yin Yang House

Yin Yang House

This stunning four bedroom house set in the tranquil Mida Forest, features our minion’s favourite swimming pool.  It is the only double pool on our books containing as it does a small round plunge pool within the house (featuring the yinyang logo) that connects via a large open tube-like slide into a sizeable salt-water pool in the garden.  Fun for all the family although you’d be advised to keep an eye out on the smaller members as the house has been designed with older kids in mind.


Baobab House

To be able to look out over your swimming pool and out towards the sea is something pretty special.  Baobab is set high up on a ridge and this lovely infinity pool is virtually the same width as the house.  Our minion’s opinion? It made her feel she could swim right out to sea from the pool because of it’s infinity edge.

Kikapu House

Kikapu House

Blue Bay has a different outlook and vibe, as does the pool at Kikapu House.    Set down below the house and cottage, the pool has a fantastic Robinson-Crusoe style pool house between it and the spectacular sea-scape of Blue Bay.  The perfect combination of somewhere to shade and relax whilst those that want to ,splash about in safety. Our minion’s opinion? A really relaxing atmosphere, giving off a strong Kenyan vibe with the woodwork and natural finishes in the  pool house.

The Beachcomber


When Bahari Cottage, a 2 bedroom house with a plunge pool in it’s terrace, metamorphosed into The Beachcomber, 4 bedrooms and plenty of extra space – one of the large additions was the pool.  Just a few meters from the beach, and set low behind the casuarina-covered sand dunes, the pool is hidden from anyone passing on the beach.  On either side of the pool are two relaxing seating areas, one a double bed that we defy you to stay awake on, and the other a sitting area ideal for watching the swimmers from.  Our minions opinion?  The sweeping staircase leading from the house down to the pool give you a feeling of a red carpet leading to the pool – great for a little exercise on your beach holiday.



Proof that you don’t have to be big to be beautiful.  Naishi’s spectacular infinity pool is not for lengths but it is for lounging around in and drinking in some of the most impressive views to be had of the Watamu Marine Park.  Our minion’s opinion? An extremely cool pool – the right size for a beach house.

The Boardwalk


Now here is an interesting design.  The Boardwalk is built close to the mangroves with a beautiful boardwalk snaking through them to the magnificent Mida Creek.  The tide, when it comes in, can come right up to the house, so the owners chose to build the main living areas and swimming pool on the first floor to allow the tide to come and go below whilst the lovely mosaic pool, surrounded by wooden decking, allows views out over the mangroves and towards the creek.  The sunsets from The Boardwalk have to be seen to be believed.   Our minion’s opinion? She loved the little seating area which is great for sitting with a drink and watching the sun go down.

The Sugar House

Sugar House

It’s not difficult to tell that the owners of The Sugar House are water lovers – when designing the pool they added and extra long lane along one side for laps.  There are lots of comfy covered areas around the pool as well as a round seating in one corner of the pool to cool off and have a sundowner or two.  Our minion’s opinion?  A unique shaped pool – the deep end is a good depth for diving and it gives a cool feeling to the dining area alongside.



If size is what matters then the pool at Pavillion is hard to beat.  Set below the house and separated by only a few trees from the beach, the pool is approximately 20 meters long and flanked by a covered seating area with changing room, sunbeds and a barbeque – a fantastic place for family to congregate.  Our minion’s opinion? Great for a pool party!



This pool is possibly the closest one you can get to the sea.  The house, unlike the majority of beachfront properties in Watamu, is built right up close to the beach, with only a low wall separating it from the sand and fishing boats on the other side.  The pool has a wonderful entertainment area alongside with a bar, comfy seating as well as a changing room.  This is the sort of place you could quite happily spend your entire day – with luck you can even spot the fishermen returning from the comfort of the pool.  Our minion’s opinion?  A calming shape with the ocean breeze – great for small kids as it isn’t too deep.



You would imagine that when you rent a 2 bedroom house, your pool might be relatively small.  Burudani, and it’s neighbour Amani Beach House, have the advantage of being much larger family houses which only rent out a couple of rooms, so the living areas and also the pool are suitable for a much larger number than just four.  So you can feel very decadent lounging around this pool, surrounded as it is by a lush tropical garden.  Our minion’s opinion?  A simple shape with a lovely makuti covered banda at one side – a great chilling out pool.

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“I only really and truly relax on my own.  Give me a sun lounger, a pool and a sea view, and I’m happy” Miranda Hart.

“The key to success – keep swimming.  Even when they tap you on the shoulder to say the pool has been drained, just keep swimming.”  Richelle E Goodrich

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